Mr.Mike Lubasi Mwenda

Council Chairman.

Welcome to Mwandi Town Council

Mwandi District is located in the southern part of the Western Province of Zambia. It is located between 24.1 degrees and 25.2 degrees east of Greenwich and between latitudes 16.6 degrees and 17.8 degrees south of the Equator. The District shares boundaries with three Districts; Sesheke on the west, Mulobezi District in the North East and Kazungula District in the East. It also shares international boundaries withIt also shares international boundaries with Namibia in the South. Mwandi District is approximately 65Km from Sesheke, and 135 Km from Livingstone Town. Mwandi District covers a total surface area of 6118.46 Km2 while Mwandi Township covers an extent of  click here to read more

Mr. A Nawa

Council Secretary

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